Hannah’s Playtime

Being a girl, I can relate to Hannah when she plays with her toys especially when she plays pretend.  I love it when we have a tea party where in she prepares the tea, teacup, and sets up her table and chair with two of her dolls sitting.  We also sometimes pretend that we are in a restaurant wherein Hannah is the cook and I’m the customer.  We set up her stove, gas range, refrigerator, plates, utensils, glass, and the food that she plans to cook, etc.  Name it and she’ll set it up for you.  She pretends she’s cooking and I’ll be sitting on the other side just waiting for her to serve my food.  Whenever she cooks hotdog, she even asks me if I want with bread, or catsup, as if I’m really ordering. Lol!

One more playtime for Hannah is when she plays with her dolls.  This time it’s a different game because she’ll line up all her dolls and pretend that they are talking to one another.  She just makes up the sentences which sometimes I don’t even understand.  It’s funny when I hear her because you can see that she’s imagining things which I think helps in developing her to be creative.  Anyhow, at the end of the day, these dolls will be sleeping beside her which sometimes gets my space in the bed.  I noticed that Hannah and I have the same features that we prefer for our doll.  I guess most dolls girls love have the same features.  I could say that the features I love for my doll are its softness, cuddliness and size.  My daughter also loves the dolls that behave just like a real baby.  She has a doll where you can feed, change diaper and the doll can dance too!  Now she is asking me to buy her a toy, I am thinking of getting another doll for her as gift.  She will have a school play next month and I think this is the perfect time to give her a gift.  🙂

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