One of My Many Birthday Wishes

My birthday is next week already and one of my wishes is to watch a concert of Lea Salonga with the Philharmonic Orchestra. Unfortunately, she doesn’t have a schedule but if ever she has, I don’t think I’ll be able to afford the tickets lol!
My sister is asking me why it has to be with the orchestra. Do I even know the instruments they use? I told her no and I’m not even familiar with some of the instruments. It’s just that I have a cd of her when she sang with them and I fell in love with the album. My sister said if I want to be familiar with instruments, I can check the bassoon at wwbw because she thinks the orchestra has it aside from piano, violin, etc. I’ll look into that next time.
Anyway, I’m sure this wish won’t come true now but I hope I’ll be given the chance to watch and listen to them. For now, I’ll just concentrate on my other wishes and hope and pray that some of them will come true. 😀

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