Still Searching for Our Dream House

As you know, one of our family goals is to move into a new house. When researching housing market trends, we came across a lot of information on how the oil drilling industry is affecting the housing market in a variety of ways in the United States.
Housing is in short supply in areas with new gas drilling. Some of these areas are seeing big increases in housing costs, like in North Dakota. In those areas, some construction is being done with laminated access mats. We found out more about access mats at Quality Mat, who produced this very informative infographic on the housing market on what is called the Bakken region. Quality Mat makes mats to protect the environment during everything from drilling rig builds to house construction. The Bakken region spreads across North Dakota, and is part of the Williston Basin which is a huge area from Montana to Canada.
Buying a new house can be even more difficult than finding a new one to rent. If we were to look into building our own home, we would definitely consider ecological ways to preserve the ground, like with mats, during construction.

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